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Zanil fluke drench is an oral drench for the treatment and control of liver  fluke and Tapeworms in cattle and sheep. Zanil's active ingredient, Oxyclozanide, has shown to have a  high impact on rumen fluke that are present in the bile duct of the animal. Zanil is appropriate for use on both sheep and cattle all year round, although in housed animals the treatment should be re-administered 8 to 12 weeks later to control the threat of immature fluke that may have been present at the time of housing.

Active Ingredient: Oxyclozanide

Target Species: Cattle, sheep

Treats and Controls: Liver fluke and tapeworm.

Administration Method: Oral drench

Withdrawal Time: 28 days for cattle intended for meat and offal, 72 hours for cattle producing milk for human consumption. 28 days for sheep intended for meat and offal, not permitted for use on sheep producing milk for human consumption.
Dosage for sheep:4.5ml per 10kg Bodyweight

Body Weight Dose Volume Number of full doses per pack
5 Litre
10kg 4.5 ml 1111
20kg 9 ml 556
30kg 13.5 ml 370
40kg 18 ml 278
50kg 22.5 ml 222
60kg 27 ml 185
70kg 31.5 ml 159