Volostrum (Lamb colostrum)

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A natural alternative to colostrum for feeding whenever ewe colostrum is unavailable or in short supply. 

An invaluable stand-by in every lambing shed, Lamb Volostrum is independently tested to assure consistently high quality.

Features and Benefits

  • Natural alternative to colostrum
  • 25g feed (2.5kg bucket, feeds 100 lambs)
  • Provides 38g protein per 50g (140ml) lamb feed
  • Highly digestible source of energy, helps reduce risk of hypothermia
  • Consistent quantity and quality guaranteed
  • 2 year shelf life
  • Independently tested


Harper Adams Agricultural College

In a controlled trial, 45 lambs consisting of quads, triplets and twins were divided into three equal groups. 15 suckled the ewe from birth, 15 were removed from the ewe and given a measured amount of ewe colostrum and 15 were removed from the ewe and given Lamb Volostrum only.

Results showed the lambs given Lamb Volostrum to be as healthy and viable as those in the other two groups, proof that Lamb Volostrum supplied protection and energy.

Commercial Farm Trials

Over 400 lambs have been involved in trials on over thirty commercial farms. Most breeds and management systems have been represented with flock sizes ranged from 200 to over 800 ewes. 

Every farmer who took part in these trials expressed complete satisfaction with the results achieved using Lamb Volostrum.