Turbo Lamb 8in1 action

Turbo Lamb 8in1 action

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 Now called "TURBO LAMB 8 in 1", previously COBALT 12 GUARD HIGH

For Lamb Thrive & Growth. TURBO LAMB / COBALT 12 GUARD HIGH is a Slow Release Multi Trace Element & Vitamin Bolus. 250 pellets per pack

Continuous Slow Release CHELATED Cobalt Pellet combining Copper, Iodine, Selenium and Multi Vitamins for Thrive and Growth in young Lambs.


Each pack contains a rubber bolus applicator. Simply slide over the nozzle of a standard automatic drenching gun. Place pellet in opposite end of attachment. As the Ewe or Lamb is drenched (water or wormer) the liquid will force the pellet out simultaneously.  

Alternatively a stainless steel applicator is available which can be selected from the available options, costing £30 when ordered together with boluses.

1 Bolus for lambs over the age of 5 weeks

2 Boluses per ewe

Repeat 6-8 weeks if needed