Slurrycare (Slurry Treatment)

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A fibre digesting bacteria and enzymes product suitable for all slurry stores, pits and slatted buildings.

  • Slurrycare effectively breaks down the organic matter in slurry resulting in an improved consistency which significantly reduces crusting and blockages and further reduces agitation times by up to 50%.
  • With this product there is a significant increase in nitrogen and fertiliser values by up to 21%
  • Slurrycare also reduces Ammonia in slurry by 93% over a 150 day period. This reduction in ammonia is beneficial for earthworms which will improve soil structure and drainage considerably.
  • Slurrycare also significantly reduces odours and gases in the slurry

Slurrycare is specifically designed to aid slurry management, 

  • Increases nitrogen and fertiliser levels by 21%
  • Decreases Ammonia level in slurry by 93% in just 150 days
  • Increases microbial protein levels
  • Reduces crusting and blockages  and improves slurry consistency
  • Earthworm friendly which improves soil structure and drainage.
  • Utilises carbon and ammonia
  • Feeds soil bacteria
  • Saves Time and Labour

​Slurrycare effectively

  • increases nutrient availability
  • improves slurry consistency
  • breaks down slurry solids and captures Ammonia gas as microbial protein which in turn feeds soil bacteria.
  • aids earthworm growth which improves soil structure and drainage.
  • grows microbial biomass,
  • utilises carbon and ammonia,

​How to use Slurrycare

  • Mix 1kg of Slurrycare with 10-20 litres of water.
  • A standard application of 1 kg SlurryCare treats 150,000 Litres/ 33,000 gallons of slurry.
  • Pour evenly across slurry tank.
  • When applying to empty tanks you need at least 12 inches of water in the base of tank to act as a carrier for SlurryCare.​​
Slurry tank or Pit Capacity Calculations
M³ (LxBxH) 200M³ 300M³ 400M³ 500M³ 1000M³ 2000M³
Gallons 33000 49500 66000 82500 165000 330000
Litres 150000 225000 300000 375000 750000 1500000
1Kg 1.5Kgs 2Kgs 2.5Kgs 5Kgs 10Kgs
2-4Kg 3-6Kgs 4-8Kgs 5-10Kgs 10-20Kgs 20-40Kgs



Problem Treatments occur when Slurrycare has not been added at the beginning of the tank use and excessive crusting and compaction has occurred resulting in a significantly packed mass present in the tank.

Slurry production - Dairy Cows
       16 gallons per cow per day
48,000 gallons per 100 cows per month
(including wash water)

Fertiliser replacement value for
200 m³ / 33,000 gallons = 600Kgs

Cost of 1 Kg of Slurrycare to treat 

200 m³ / 33,000 gallons  = €65.00

Slurrycare is available in 1kg, 3kgs and 10kgs​.