Shine Milk replacer

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Shine Ewe-reka helps improve lamb health and performance. It is the closest lamb milk replacer to that made by mother nature as it is made with whey products derived from ewe milk.

Cheeses such as Roquefort and Manchego are made from ewes' milk. The manufacturers of Shine Ewe-reka have used the by-products of this sheep milk cheese production to make a milk replacer. One particular benefit of this is that it contains antibodies to specific sheep diseases (unlike cows' milk), which means it can help keep orphan lambs healthy

Key benefits:
• According to the manufacturers, it is the top selling lamb milk in Europe
• Derived from ewes milk, not cows
• Causes a stronger drinking reflex because it tastes more like ewes milk
• Fights against sheep diseases due to sheep specific antibodies
• Helps lambs provide daily weight gains of up to 550g
• To reduce clostridia bloat & scour in lambs it also contains vegetable oils and plant extracts
• Increases survival rates which means more lambs to sell and more for replacement ewes
• Powder mixes easily, is very palatable and can be fed hot or cold