Sheep bag minerals 25kg -

Sheep bag minerals 25kg

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Sheep minerals are a complex blend of chelated trace elements, vitamin and amino acids, specifically formulated to meet the requirements of rams, growing lambs. It is formulated to provide lambs with the optimum balance of micro-nutrients to help balance nutritional deficiencies.

  • Improved immunity.
  • Greater resistance to parasite infection.
  • Increased feed conversion efficiency and daily live weight gain.
  • Reduced incidence of digestive upsets or scours.
  • Improved thrift.
  • Achieve target weights and good killing out percentage.

 sheep minerals are used by many pedigree sheep breeders to help have sheep in optimum condition and bloom for show and sale

Easy to use by applying 20-25g of Panagro sheep minerals per head per day for rams and ewes. 

The sheep minerals is free of copper and therefore is safe to use on sheep which are sensitive to copper toxicity.

Feeding rates

Rams: 25g-30g/head/day

Lowland ewes: 25g/head/day

Hill ewes: 20g/head/day

Lambs 10-15g/head/day

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