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Ruminant is a prebiotic digestive enhancer specially formulated for sheep and cattle. It is powered by Signal Molecule Technology. Ruminant is made from the fermentation of specially-selected beneficial bacteria (Lactobacillus acidophilus, Bifidobacterium animalis, Streptococcus thermophilus, Lactobacillus casei, Enterococcus faecium, and Propionibacterium freudenreichii) prebiotics, vitamins, minerals and trace elements to stimulate microbial activity in the rumen.

Ruminant aids in maintaining efficient rumen function through periods of stress such as weaning, transport and feed changes.

Costing only 13c/lamb - 26c/lamb

Can be mixed with wormers (shake contents well before use)


  • Increases digestive efficiency.
  • Reduces feed change stress.
  • Reduces weaning stress.


  • Lambs - 2-4ml/head at weaning and prior to feed changes and transport.
  • Ewes/Hoggets/Rams - 4ml/head prior to feed changes, mating and transport.
  • Calves - 10ml/head at weaning and prior to feed changes and transport.
  • Cattle - 20ml/head prior to feed changes, mating and transport.

Pasture fed lamb weight gain trial 2001/02
Lamb Fattening Property, Manawatu - Wanganui region, NZ

The Ruminant-treated mob (200) received 2 mL of BioStart Ruminant. After 25 days of pasture feed they had an increase over the untreated mob (100) of;

  • An average liveweight gain of 1.5 kg or 4 % increase.
  • An increased liveweight gain per day by 25 % (60 g/d; from 240 to 300 g/d).
  • Lambs were drafted with 45 % of each mob selected for the abattoir.

The Biostart-treated mob had an increase of;

  • A 1 kg or 4 % increase in liveweight.
  • An increased carcass weight of 450 g (assuming 45 % dress out rate) which would lead to another €2.25/hd (assuming a lamb schedule of €5.00/kg).


At docking Tailing stress effects young lambs still establishing the microbiology of their intestines and rumen. Ruminant reduces the impact on rumen microbes from tailing stress. 

At weaning Lambs experience separation stress and environmental stress caused by the move from standard stocking to rotational grazing. Lambs are also drenched at weaning which adversely effects the rumen’s microbial populations and therefore rumen fermentation. Ruminant helps reduce the rumen microbe stress caused by these events and helps restore rumen microbial populations.

For lamb finishing When introducing lambs to a supplementary crop the make-up of the rumen microbe populations are required to change rapidly so stock can digest this new feed and maintain feed utilisation and animal performance. Dose with Ruminant to help boost rumen microbial growth and thereby allow the rumen microbial populations to adapt rapidly.