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Optimise Elite Sheep minerals

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Optimise Sheep Elite

Dry powdered high performance minerals & vitamins for sheep

  • Contains chelated trace elements
  • Contains a complete range of vitamins to optimise performance
  • High levels of Vitamin E
  • Does NOT contain Copper
  • Ideal supplement for flushing ewes both (donor & recipient) for embryo transfer and A.I. programmes
  • Fed to ewes 5-6 weeks pre-lambing to help improve colostrum quality and lamb viability.
  • Ideal source of minerals & vitamins for growing lambs and rams for show & sale.
  • Fed to rams pre-breeding to optimise fertility.


Feeding instructions

  • Ewes 20-25g/head/day pre-lambing
  • Flushing Ewes feed 25g/head/day
  • Rams 30g/head/day
  • Lambs 5-15g/head/day
  • Start supplementing rams 7- 8 weeks pre-breeding 


Monocalciumphosphate, Magnesium oxide, Wheat tailings, linseed, calcium carbonate, sodium chloride, vegetable oil (Refined rapeseed oil)

Additives per Kg:

Vitamins, provitamins and chemical well-defined substances having similar effect:

Vitamin A (3a672a)      750000 IU

Vitamin D3 (E671)          75000 IU

Vitamin E (3a700)             5000mg


Compounds of trace elements:

Zinc sulphate monohydrate (3b605)      6000mg

Zinc chelate of glycine hydrate (3b607) 1000mg

Manganous sulphate monohydrate(3b503) 4500mg

Cobalt coated granulated carbonate (3b304) 100mg

Calcium Iodide, anhydrous (3b202)                    50mg

Selenium - Sodium selenite (E8)                          30mg

Selenium – Lselenomethionine (3b815)             20mg



BHT (E321)                2000mg

Analytical constituents

Calcium 9%

Phosphorus 7%

Sodium 2%

Magnesium 8%


Best before 12 months after production date, keep in a dry, cool and dark environment.

Feed next to a daily ration (Roughage and concentrates)

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Net weight 5kg