No Mate Teaser harness -

No Mate Teaser harness

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To be used and connected to a Mating mark harness.

The No Mate Teaser Harness is a temporary alternative to vasectimising a ram that physically prevents mating so you can use your rams as teasers to bring ewes into season, then remove the harness to allow for mating. It is designed for use with Matingmark Harness. 

The No Mate Teaser Harness is quick and easy to fit which allows rams and ewes to be run together without mating.

By simply adding a crayon in the Matingmark Harness, you will easily see which animals are cycling or in heat, enabling you to achieve higher pregnancy rates and increased animal production.

Just like the Matingmark Harness, the No Mate harness features a comfortable design with wide, highly adjustable straps that are made to last for years of use without issue.