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Megacal M

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Megacal-M Injection

Megacal M – for the treatment of the following conditions when complicated by Phosphorus and Magnesium deficiency:- Paresis caused by hypocalcemia before, during or after calving or during lactation. Downer cow syndrome (including during pregnancy) caused by deficiency diseases or internal secretory dysfunction.

Special precautions for use in animals

Warm the solution to body temperature before use. Carry out intravenous administration slowly and stop at once if untoward symptoms occur. As intravenous administration of this product could cause death, this route should only be used by a veterinary practitioner. When administered subcutaneously massage the injection site.


Administration is by subcutaneous or slow intravenous injection. Actual dosage to be given intravenously will depend upon the clinical condition of the animal and the amount to use is left to the discretion of the veterinary practitioner. The recommended dose rate is: 100 –200 ml

Withdrawal Period(s)

Meat : Zero Days

Milk : Zero Hours

For restoration of normal calcium levels in cases of clinical hypocalcaemia and as an aid in raising blood magnesium and phosphorus levels, in the event of a concurrent deficiency