Lamlac milk replacer -

Lamlac milk replacer

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Lamlac was the first commerically available ewe milk replacer introduced over 45 years ago. Continual development has helped keep Volac Lamlac the UK's and Ireland's No. 1 ewe milk replacer.

  • Protein – 24%
  • Oil – 24%
  • Ash – 7%
  • Fibre – 0%

Presentation Lamlac Instant - Ideal for bottle feeding, ad-lib feeding systems and some machine feeding systems which require an instant mixing powder. 

Available in 5kg, and 25kg bags.

Mixing 200 grams of Lamlac mixed with water to make 1 litre of mixed milk (4oz made up to 1 pint of mixed milk). Add Lamlac to one third of the required volume of warm or cold water and mix thoroughly. Top up with fresh warm or cold water to give the final dilution indicated above and whisk lightly. When a new batch of milk replacer has been received, it is recommended that you check weigh a scoop of powder and/or recalibrate your machine to ensure that the correct concentration of milk is being fed.

Feeding Ewe-2 Warm Milk Lamb Feeder To fill the Ewe-2 with 25 litres of mixed milk, place approx. 10 litres of warm water (30°C for younger lambs, 20°C for older lambs) in the inner bucket, add 5kg Volac Lamlac and mix well, then top up with water to a total of 25 litres of mixed milk. Ensure that milk replacer is available on an ad-lib basis and that there is always milk available. On this system, lambs should be drinking approximately 1 litre each per day during the first 7 days and 1.5 - 2 litres each per day up to weaning.