Lamb Adoption Musk 200ml -

Lamb Adoption Musk 200ml

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Lamb Adoption Musk

Helps to eliminate rejection during fostering by neutralising the natural ewe and lamb odours.

This lamb adoption musk spray from Nettex neutralises the natural ewe and lamb odours to eliminate rejection during fostering. The scientific blend of aromatic oils are designed to mask the natural scent of the lamb to be adopted, to overwhelm the ewe's sense of smell and to reduce the ewe's natural instinct to reject the lamb. Lamb adoption musk spray encourages a better chance of a successful adoption.

Directions for use:

Shake the can before use. Spray the lamb from head to tail, taking care to avoid the eyes. In cases where the ewe will have two lambs to rear it may be helpful to spray both lambs. Spray the ewe's head and nose, again taking care to avoid the eyes. The use of this product should be carried out in conjunction with usual lamb adoption methods.

Nettex Lamb Adoption Musk Spray is a popular choice across Ireland and the UK and comes in a 200ml aerosol canister.