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Headstart Ewe & lamb buckets

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Complementary feeding stuff for ewes. High Spec feed bucket for ewes pre and post lambing which provides high levels of available energy, high quality protein, vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Formulated to boost energy levels at lambing.

  • Improved Quality Colostrum
  • Lamb Vigour
  • More Milk

For the critical periods before and after lambing, at housing or when coming home from winter grazing. These are periods when ewes are under pressure and may succumb to problems such as twin lamb and other stress related problems.

Headstarts highly palatable formula ensures good intakes and maximum bio-availability to the ewe and unborn lamb. Its unique formula contains a blend of immunity enhancing Kestrel antioxidants developed by Inform Nutrition Ireland for the unborn lamb. Headstart gives lambs the headstart they need in life, the bottom line being vigourous lambs are born which are quicker to suckle.

  • Seaweed meal rich in naturally occurring vitamins and minerals
  • Soya for pure protein
  • Vitamins including high levels of vitamin B12 for thrive
  • Minerals including Selenium and Chelated Zinc for the promotion of immunity and fertility
  • Rich in Kestrel antioxidants to boost the colostrum quality and the immunity system of the ewe and lamb
  • With IodEx protected iodine, for lamb health
  • Glucose for energy
  • Glycol for energy

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