First Life Lamb Colostrum (SALE)

First Life Lamb Colostrum (SALE)

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First Life Lamb Colostrum is a complementary colostrum feeding stuff for lambs.

Instructions for use:

For use when the dam has insufficient or poor quality colostrum, multiple or orphaned lambs. To supplement maternal colostrum mix 25g (2 heaped scoops) in 80ml warm (45C) water to make a single feed. Repeat after 4 hours if necessary. When lams have received minimal maternal colostrum mix 50g (4 heaped scoops) in 120ml warm (45C) water. Mix until powder is completely dissolved.

First Life Colostrum should be fed after any maternal colostrum as soon as possible after birth as maximum absorption occurs in the first 2 hours of life. Do not re-heat stored product in  a microwave, this will damage the proteins present.


Keep out of the site and reach of children. Store between