Drybed 25kg bags

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An ultra-absorbent bedding desiccant, which creates a dry, safe, healthy environment in animal pens by reducing moisture and therefore the potential for bacterial infection; reduces ammonia levels and odours.

  • Natural ingredients – Non-Irritant to animals & humans
  • Safe to handle
  • Removes Moisture – pathogens won’t survive in this environment
  • Reduces Ammonia – Lowers the trigger for respiratory diseases
  • Citronella – Aids Odour control

Suitable for use in mechanical dispensers.

Decontamination power

Contains a nucleus from 100% natural origin, validated in vitro and in vivo for its cleansing properties.
Allows to fight against risks linked to bacterial development, especially mastitis risks and udder contamination.

The guarantee of a longer soft and dry bedding

  • Decrease bedding deterioration around drinking places and where birds are used to gather together.
  • Better control of bedding temperatures (under 30°C).

Directions for use

  • Cows on straw: 2kg on the straw before bedding.
  • Cubicals: 50g of Drybed per sqm.