Dominate Liquid

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Dominate Liquid spray is an environment which is composed of a selection of probiotic bacteria. Naturally these good bacteria go into battle with pathogenic bacteria. The pathogens are less likely to multiply so the risk is reduced digestive problems and skin disorders.


Dominate liquid can be used in lambing pens and sheds to help prevent disease build up in sheds. Disease build up in sheds through out the lambing season can be a major problem on farms leading to many problems including E.coli (watery mouth), joint ill and other infections.

A good hygiene programme and regular use of Dominate Liquid works in a preventative way against disease.


Spray Dominate Liquid on the floor, walls, fixtures and possibly around the animals.

  • Dosage: 500ml-1l per 1000sqm per treatment

* Number of treatments depends on situation.