Cydectin 2% 200ml

Cydectin 2% 200ml

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Cydectin 2% LA Sheep Injection for sheep treats and controls internal parasites such as gastro-intestinal round worms and lungworm and prevents and treats external parasite psoroptic manage (scab). Persistent action, of Cydectin 2% LA Sheep Injection, against scab mites for 60 days prevents infection or reinfection. The persistency of Cydectin 2% LA Sheep Injection exceeds mite survival in the environment. Cydectin 2% LA Sheep Injection offers up to 111 days worm protection in Sheep from a single injection.  

Active Ingredient:

Target Species:

Treats and Controls: 
Gastro-intestinal roundworm, lungworm, mange, scab, mites

Administration Method:
To be administered as a single subcutaneous injection at the base of the ear using an 18 gauge, 25mm hypodermic needle. The skin at the base of the selected ear should be pinched and the product injected into the subcutaneous tissue. 

Withdrawal Time: 
meat & offal: 104 days;
not permitted for use in Dairy Sheep

0.5 ml per 10 kg of bodyweight.

Body Weight Dose Volume Number of full doses per pack:
50 ml 200 ml 500 ml
10kg 0.5ml 100 400 1000
20kg 1 ml 50 200 500
30kg 1.5 ml 33 133 333
40kg 2 ml 25 100 250
50kg 2.5 ml 50 80 200
60kg 3 ml 16 66 166
70kg 3.5 ml 14 57 142

Always read the label and all enclosed information for Cydectin 2% LA injection before administering to animals!

Key Features of Cydectin 2% LA injection

  • Treats and controls internal parasites
  • Persistent action exceeds mite survival in the environment
  • Cydectin 2% LA Injection offers up to 111 days worm protection from a single injection.  
  • Active Ingredient is Moxidectin
  • Single injection

Benefits of Long Worm Protection

Cydectin 2% LA Injection is extra-ordinary offering up to 111 days worm protection from a single injection. The Long Acting Injection will:

Reduce Pasture Contamination: The use of Cydectin LA Injection for Sheep will lead to lower pature contamination resulting in lower worm egg counts in lambs

Reduce Number of Flock Treatments: Ewes treated with Cydectin LA injection will result in low egg counts in lambs and may reduce the need of treatment. Less treatment will lower work-load, save money and reduce stress on lambs hence lowering the overall cost of interventions.

Maximise Lamb Growth Rate: Lambs coming from ewes treated with Cydectin LA Injection for Sheep have exhibited increased growth rates of 1.7kg/lamb in a 60-day period from shearing to weaning.

What Are the Dangers of Sheep Scab?

Sheep scab can occur at any time of the year, but when sheep are housed for the winter because they are in such close proximity to each other it can take only one female mite to infect an entire flock of sheep. This can have some very costly negative effects on your flock which can include, poor growth, reduced reproductive performances and even in severe cases it can cause death. Cydectin 2% will treat sheep scab and stop it from spreading throughout your flock, which will not only protect your flock but will also protect your profits.