Tracesure Lamb 250's with copper

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Previously Tracesure Lamb Finisher with Copper

250 applications PR4207

With unique leaching technology and flutes for a consistent release of cobalt, iodine, selenium and copper

For lambs

Over 15kg: 1 bolus and 1 capsule

Supplied per day

Cobalt ≈ 0.67 mg
Iodine ≈ 2.10 mg
Selenium ≈ 0.33 mg
Copper ≈ 9.67 mg

Use with

Lamb Applicator PR4282


With the essential trace elements
• Finish quicker
• Give lambs the best start
• Hit target weights earlier
• Support development
• For growth and vitality
• For healthy immune responses
• Support thyroid activity
• For improved vigour and cell function
• Save on feed costs and get more from grass

Ideal to give
• At weaning and
• When ‘finishing’

Without copper option Tracesure Lamb