Barrier D sheep dip 5L

Barrier D sheep dip 5L

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Barrier D Sheep Dip is a high quality repellent.
It will keep away all known ectoparasites for up to 6 weeks, and is particularly effective against lice and ticks. By adhering to the fleece the product ensures it lasts longer on the sheep and continues to repel parasites for up to 6 weeks. This 
Sheep Dip is very easy to apply, making it a real farmer's favourite. In addition, it has a pleasant smell in comparison to similar products, and is extremely effective.
It can also be used as a treatment for foot rot.
There is no meat withdrawal period from 
Barrier D Sheep Dip and it is suitable for use on organic farmers. The spent material can be safely spread on the land after use.
It is not suitable for use in sheep showers

The active substance is
Natural Plant Oils

To apply, bath your sheep once they have had at least three weeks of wool growth post-clipping. This will ensure that Barrier D is absorbed into the fleece. Allow the product to dry off naturally. Do administer in wet weather conditions. Always read the label before administering. 

Dilution:1:100 parts water and top-up rate is the same. Ensure that the bath is very well mixed. 

Withdrawal Period
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