Allguard 4in1 sheep bolus -

Allguard 4in1 sheep bolus

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All Guard Sheep and Lamb Bolus 4 in 1(100 pack) is a supplementary bolus that supplies sheep and lambs with cobalt selenium and iodine and zinc. The boluses are designed to use a slow release leeching system that will slowly release the minerals over a six month period. All Guard Sheep and Lamb Bolus 4 in 1 are ideal for supplementing sheep that don't require copper. These boluses can improve your flocks health, performance, vitality and reduce your concentrate use.

Content Per Bolus MG per Day
Cobalt 350mg 2.00
Iodine 750mg 4.16
Selenium 100mg 0.55
Zinc 400mg 2.22


  • For supplementing sheep and lambs
  • Supplies lamb with Cobalt, Zinc, Selenium and Iodine
  • Slow release leeching system
  • Lasts up to six months
  • Meets Sheep Scheme mineral requirements