Agrimin Rumbul (Magnesium bullets) -

Agrimin Rumbul (Magnesium bullets)

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Product Description

A sustained release bolus containing an alloy of magnesium, copper and aluminium. Licenced to aid the prevention of hypomagnesaemia in cows and ewes grazing rapidly growing Spring grass. Rumbul helps farmers manage the magnesium status of their herd or flock over high risk periods.

Rumbul bullets are designed to lie in the reticulum and dissolve, by electrolytic action, in a uniform and even manner providing a continuous supply of magnesium.


- Sheep: 1 bullet per head.

- Calves: 2 bullets per head.

It is vital that bullets are dosed at least 2-3 days before the onset of the period of risk (e.g. day of turn out). Rumbul bullets take a day or two before starting to release magnesium.

- The active life of Rumbul cattle is 28 days.

- The active life of Rumbul sheep and calf is 21 days.

- Always use the recommended Agrimin bolus applicator.

- Rumbul Sheep/Calf are packed in units of 20 (enough for 20 ewes or 10 calves).