Digest Xtra
An exciting new addition to the range from Iomlán Animal Science. A feed additive formulated specifically for high performing sheep to help with digestion and growth, thrive, bloom and performance.
Digest Xtra is a feed additive for sheep to optimise digestive performance. Digest Xtra is the perfect combination of unique additives to improve intestinal health. It is a combination of specially selected ingredients including specific plant extracts that have a stimulating effect on protein and fat digestion. Containing Omega 3 and 6. Digest Xtra contains several toxin binding agents to improve general health and help boost the immune system. Contains yeast to aid rumen function and development.
Feeding instructions
• Ewes 5g/head/day pre-lambing
• Flushing Ewes feed 5-10g/head/day
• Show sheep 5g/head/day
• Rams 5-10g/head/day
• Lambs 5g/head/day
• Start supplementing rams 7- 8 weeks pre-breeding

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