Agrimin 24/7 Smart trace 50's (Breeding ewe)

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24/7 Smartrace Sheep Boluses are an organic mineral supplement for sheep with a liveweight of over 40kg. A single bolus supplies a constant supply of selenium, cobalt and iodine over a 180 day period. 
24/7 Smartrace Sheep Boluses'slow release eroding technology ensures each treated animal receives the maximum daily dosage of the trace elements over the 180 day period. The Boluses are essential for pre-tupping and over the winter season.24/7 Smartrace Sheep Boluses contain no copper so they are safe to use on all breeds of sheep. 
24/7 Smartrace Sheep Boluses have been tested in field trials and the findings have been posted in various peer review scientific journals showing that the boluses give a consistent supply of iodine, selenium and cobalt over an extended period. The results also showed that the boluses optimised lambing percentages.

Each Bolus contains:

Selenium: To increase fertility and conception rates

Cobalt: Improves fertility and strength of lambs at birth

Iodine: Improves fertility and stamina of lambs at birth

Active Component Amount Per Kg Daily supply over 180 days
Selenium 1378 mg 0.4 mg
Cobalt 3032 mg 0.8 mg
Iodine 15875 mg 4.2 mg


24/7 Smart trace Sheep Boluses

  • Eroding technology ensures a consistent supply of all elements
  • Delivers full daily requirements of selenium, cobalt and iodine
  • Increased conception rates
  • Maintains animals health over winter
  • Approved for use by organic farmers