Prattley manual Weigh Crate -

Prattley manual Weigh Crate

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Prattley Drafter & Weighing

The Prattley Manual Drafter enables up to 3-way drafting, its practical design keeps the operator out of sheep’s vision. While you are operating the drafter with one hand, the other hand is left free to monitor and check stock. Prattley’s innovative design allows Sliding Gates to move easily and quietly to ensure stock are not frightened and can run seamlessly through the drafter. This manual sheep drafter’s simple no-tool adjustment allows you to weigh any animal from the biggest ram to smallest lamb without complication.


Prattley Manual Weigh Crate

The Prattley Manual Drafter enables up to 3-way drafting. Prattley is the world leader in lightweight animal handling equipment, using cutting edge technology. Prattley’s prime aim is to produce quality sheep handling equipment that helps you to attain maximum efficiency in sheep drafting. Despite its lightweight, Prattley sheep equipment is sturdy and long-lasting, built to withstand the toughest treatment your stock can dish out. Prattley Manual Weigh Crate is just one of several prattley items we have in stock.

O’ Donovan Engineering are the exclusive Irish Agents for Prattley handling equipment. This lightweight mobile range of handling equipment is designed with the farmer in mind. Handling your sheep in the paddock or yard has never been so easy.


Enables up to 3-way Drafting
The practical design keeps the operator out of Sheep’s vision
One hand left free to monitor stock
Sliding Gate move easily and quietly
The simple no-tool adjustment from biggest ram to smallest lamb
Note: Left or Right-hand options – Right hand shown.

Why Weigh with a TruTest Indicator.

  • Weighing replaces guesswork with facts, making it a powerful performance measurement tool for farmers.
  • The information provided by Tru-Test weigh scale indicators assist critical decision making about feed, health treatments and herd size management.
  • On its own, weighing is a valuable addition to any farmers operation. With electronic identification (EDI), maximise the potential of the weigh data collected.
  • EID means individual animals can be tracked through their entire life cycle giving the farmer an opportunity to better manage their individual performance.

The Benefits:

  • Ensure optimum weight grade.
  • Minimise treatment waste.
  • Monitor reproductive performance.
  • Identify sick or lame animals early.
  • Manage your time spent in the yard.