Lambing box (100 ewes) -

Lambing box (100 ewes)

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This is our lambing box for flocks of up to 100 ewes. It supplies all the lambing essentials needed for the lambing period contained in a sturdy hard plastic tool box where the products can be stored. The box also comes with a warm hat which is needed during the lambing season.


  • NewLife lamb colostrum (200g) (10 feed pot)
  • 500ml Agrihealth super thick lubricant
  • 500ml Iodine 10%
  • Duramark marking spray 400ml Red
  • Rubber rings 100 pack
  • Lambing ropes
  • Armlength gloves (Krutex)
  • Needles (Lamb) X 3
  • Needles (Ewe) X 3
  • 10ml Syringe X 3
  • 2ml Syringe X 3
  • Lamb teat (for bottled reared lambs)
  • Lambing box
  • Sheepproducts Hat