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Ranide (Fluke drench)

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Ranide contains Rafoxanide 30mg/ml and is used in the treatment of liver fluke mature and immature in both cattle and sheep.

Reported Efficacies against Liver Fluke (Fasciola hepatica) 4 week-old Immature Fluke 6 week-old Immature Fluke Adult Liver Fluke
Rafoxanide* 45-98% 85-99% 99-100%

*Irish Veterinary Journal, Vol 13, No.9, Sept 2013, p474-481.

Bodyweight (kg) - Sheep Dose (ml)
10kg 2.5ml
15kg 3.5ml
20kg 5.0ml
25kg 6.5ml
30kg 7.5ml



Meat and Offal
60 days


Cattle: Not authorised for use in animals producing milk for human consumption including during the dry period.

Sheep: Do not use within 1 year prior to the first lambing in ewes intended to produce milk for human consumption.