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Clik Pour-on

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Clik Pour-On prevents against blowfly strike in sheep and lambs. Clik Pour-On's ​advanced formula will prevent blowfly strike for up to 16 weeks. For preventing Blowfly strike.

Withdrawal Time: 40 days for sheep intended for meat and offal. not recommended for sheep producing milk for human consumption

Dosage for sheep: 0.6-2 ml per 1 kg of bodyweight.

Body Weight Dose Volume Number of worm doses per pack
2.2 Litre 5 Litre
10-20kg 20 ml 110 250
21-30kg 25 ml 88 200
31-50kg 30 ml 73 166
>50kg 35 ml 62 142


FleeceBind spreads and binds

The benefits of CLiK and CLiKZiN with Fleecebind
  • CLiK and CLiKZiN are the only IGRs with FleeceBind technology, providing full fleece protection*
  • Spreads from tip to base of fleece, around the animal and onto new wool growth
  • Binds the formulation strongly in place and sticks to the wool even if applied to damp fleece
  • Provides consistent protection, practical cover and resistance to washout